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Conflict Resolution in the Healthcare Workplace

Healthcare organizations have been slow to explore the use of mediation to manage conflict. Yet many areas in the healthcare business would benefit from this approach to conflict resolution. Workplace disputes can be enormously expensive. Using a neutral facilitator (a mediator) who helps the people involved to discuss the situation and develop thoughtful, self-crafted solutions saves time and money.

Our Amazing Mediators

At the heart of the success of Jefferson County Mediation Services (JCMS) are the mediation professionals who donate their time and energy to the program on an ongoing basis. Although we started with just 20 mediators when the program began in 1994, we have about 240 today. In 2015, they gave a total of 4,804 hours to Jefferson County – an average of 3.23 hours per case.

Contractor Took My Money and Ran

we’ve heard nightmare stories about home-improvement projects. Maybe your contractor took your payment, didn’t do the work, and now keeps giving you excuses about why the work hasn’t started. Maybe he won’t answer or return your calls at all. Perhaps this has been going on for weeks.

Are Your Neighbors’ Outdoor Parties Too Loud?

Lots of people have summer parties now and then, but when does it become intolerable for their neighbors? The biggest causes for complaint seem to be loud volume, late hours, and rowdy behavior. If you have children who need to sleep, or you need to get rest yourself, there are a few things you can try.

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