Expecting Family Fireworks this Memorial Day?

Expecting Family Fireworks this Memorial Day?

Tired of arguing about the same old thing at every family gathering?  Where does the argument go in your family – Healthcare? Immigration? Fracking?  Wherever it goes, you’ve heard it all before, and so has everyone else in the family.

This Memorial Day, when it begins again, forget the old “let’s agree to disagree”.  After all, if that worked the family wouldn’t be having the same argument for the fifth, or maybe even tenth time.  Instead, how about guiding the family into a new discussion?  No, not tired old sports debates – not who is going to win it all this year, or who was the greatest quarterback of all time.  Leave that to the sports fans in your family.

Here are some ideas to shake up discussion patterns at your next family gathering.

If your family has not already covered this ground, announce that you have decided the greatest movie of all time is you name it, and start defending your position.  Or perhaps you feel more comfortable saying the greatest comedy, or romantic comedy, or action film, of all time is movie name here. There is also the greatest actor or actress option to pursue.

But maybe your family has had this debate before, or you are in unusual agreement about movies.  What else is there?  It depends on your family’s interests, of course, but here are some ideas:

What kind of pet would be the absolute worst to have in your home?

Which is better – a beach vacation or a mountain vacation?

What is the best color for a car in your state?

What’s better- Chinese food or Italian? If you know a family member likes a particular type of food, say Greek, include that option.  This theme can take on many variations – which chain makes the best donuts, apple pie, etc.?  Which local restaurant has the best pizza, or hamburger, or steak, or desert?

Now that you have the idea, plan a few of these that would work for your family.  And this Memorial Day, when you all get together, and the conversation is drifting into a familiar pattern, surprise them with a brand-new topic.