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Winter Doldrums? Tips to Feel Better.

The holidays are over, the visitors (welcome or un-) have gone home, the presents are worse for wear, your diet is blown, the bills are coming in, and it’s dark and cold. Many people find this the most difficult, depressing time of year. How do you make it through to spring?

How Mediation Services Began in Jefferson County, Colorado

In 1993, Jefferson County’s population was growing, especially in the mountains. Suzanne Bierbrauer, then director of Jefferson County Animal Control, was noticing repeated calls from the same people about the same dogs. She had heard about Boulder’s mediation program, and asked, “Why not us?”

School Problems

Our schools are wonderful. They also have some problems. At Jefferson County Mediation Services (JCMS), one of the problems that we see frequently is conflict among students.

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