Problems at School?





Teachers having trouble with students?

Students having problems with teachers?

Students having conflicts with each other?

Administrators and teachers not getting along?

Principals worry that we are losing our children.  Parents think teachers are favoring other kids.    Teachers are overloaded, and school administrators may not see eye-to-eye with teachers.

We handle cases involving conflicts between students, teachers, parents, administrators and other school staff.  We can help children and ease the burden on schools.  Our results are impressive: when parties come to the mediation table, they usually resolve their differences.

Our experienced school mediators are trained in family and school issues, and they enjoy working on these cases. They love to see children succeed, and they have the skills, talent and time to help people solve problems among themselves.

It is in everyone’s interest to help schools do their job well and to relieve them of problems they are not equipped to handle.

We Can Help with School Problems

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