Are you unsure about the legal use of your easement?

Are people parking in your right of way and impeding your access?

Is your neighbor controlling access to your property?

Who is responsible for road maintenance?

Is your neighbor’s fence or gate restricting access to the easement?

Are people speeding down your access road?

Does the right of way need to be repaved or repaired?

What can you do?


You and emergency vehicles need to have safe access to your property.

Jefferson County Mediation Services (JCMS) is a FREE Confidential service for YOU as a Jefferson County Resident. We are a team of conflict resolution professionals. We are trained and experienced in helping you resolve any issues you have with your neighbors.

Pick up the phone and call 303 271 5060 or fill out the contact form below and one of our expert Mediators will help you address the concerns in your neighborhood.

Together we can help you resolve easement and right of way issues.

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